The Kern River Valley Historical Society has been in operation for over 40 years. Our mission is to preserve and communicate the rich and colorful history of this region. To achieve these goals we have established the Kern Valley Museum in downtown Kernville next to the Post Office.
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Docents Needed!

DOCENTS.....Do you know what the benefits are for being a Docent?...

First of all, you get to go somewhere once or more times a month and meet ‘new people’. There are visitors from everywhere who come to visit the Museum and when you are there, you find out where they came from and just a little bit about them.

Then you also learn about our history here in the valley by just looking around the Museum and reading the signs on our many displays. You also get a 10% discount on anything you buy in our Country Store.

As a volunteer did you know you can write off your mileage on your taxes? Just a little perk!

So if YOU are reading this and are NOT a docent, why not come in and talk to me and find out how it works? It’s fun and the time goes fast. Just 3 hours a month (or more if you want) and you have really helped staff the Museum...... Give me a call! Vicki Middleworth at (see your Saddlebag for ph#).... I would love to talk to you!!!..........


—Vicki Middleworth