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Some of the most famous western movies produced in the 1930's, 40's, and 50's were filmed in the Kern River Valley.  Stars such as John Wayne, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, Humphrey Bogart and Robert Mitchum shot the bad guys while local residents provided lodging, built movie sets, and served as extras.  The  Museum has a video of many of these films for you to watch after you see our collection of movie memorabilia. 

John Wayne, in his movie Stagecoach, for which he received an Academy Award, was partially filmed in the Rern River Valley near "Tilly Creek' in Wofford Heights. 

When this location was scouted earlier in the year, the Kern River was low.  When the filming took place the river was raging and brimful, so the scene had to be modified.  In one of the scenes, you can see logs tied on each side of the stagecoach, allowing it to be floated across the river. 

Old projectors and paraphernalia are representative of items used in earlier days.

Complete list of names and info is posted for these actors who all made movies here in the Valley.  Come in an see who you know.