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The 412 Test Wing is in charge at the base. There are many
firsts at Edwards including Capt. Chuck Yeager and Bell X-1
first broke the sound barrier on October 14, 1947, and
where other X planes pushed 6 times the speed of sound.
At Edwards is where the X-15 probed the threshold of
Space and where the Space Shuttle returned. How
exciting that we are going to Edwards for a field trip!

The sign-up sheet is filling up fast for this great field trip.
Please call 503-298-9395, or email
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (that's an underscore).
Be prepared with the last 4 digits of your social
security number, birth date, driver license number,and where
you were born. There are 40 spaces for this trip, with
10 on a waiting list.
Please sign up by February 14.


We will be leaving from the Weldon Post Office where we can park
and car pool, leaving 7:00 AM SHARP. We will be driving
over Walker Pass, then on Highway 14 to Rosamond, Exit
#155 Rosamond/Edwards AFB. We will meet at the Century
Circle parking lot where the Century series of Air Force
jet fighters are on display. About 10 miles off of Highway 14.


We will board an Air Force Bus there for our tour. We will be
visiting the Visitor Center, eating lunch (make sure to
remember your walk-around money) and other stops. Speed
limits are strictly enforced, and watch for snakes and
other critters. Proper footwear is required for safety
reasons. Comfortable, closed-toe walking shoes. No high
heels, sandals, or open toe shoes allowed. Bring some
water and dress in layers. DO NOT FORGET TO BRING A
passport will be acceptable. There are ground rules:




Allowed items – Purses, handicapped items such as canes, wheel
chairs, mobility and oxygen carts and prescription
medications, service animals, cell phones, cameras,
video recorders, binoculars.


Disallowed items – Weapons of any kind, to include pocket
knives, Leatherman-type tools, scissors, large nail
clippers, box cutter, firearms of any time, toy or
resemble firearms are absolutely prohibited, Google
glass-type devices, alcoholic beverages, pets, and
illegal drugs to include marijuana.


Anything entering the base or anything that is brought on base
is subject to search by authorities. Call if you are
unable to go, so those on the waiting list will have a
chance. 503-298-9395.