The Kern River Valley Historical Society is celebrating over 50 years of operation! Our mission is to preserve and communicate the rich and colorful history of this region. The Kern Valley Museum in downtown Kernville, next to the Post Office, welcomes visitors to explore our rich history.

What's Happening in JANUARY 2020

Saturday October 12th, a special night with special people: How blessed we were! The night was filled with friendship, great food and the warmth of a beautiful evening. We never in our wildest dreams imagined that this many friends would find time to share an evening with us.  There were so many people involved it made the evening so fun.  We tried to visit with each of you but fell woefully short - so to those we might have missed goes our heartfelt thanks.

The beautiful picture of the Museum will be hanging in our home for all to see and the Graham truck is sitting on a shelf in a place of honor!!

 To everyone we give thanks again for such a memorable evening

 Thank You, Thank You, Thank You 

              Rod and Vicki