The Kern River Valley Historical Society is celebrating over 50 years of operation! Our mission is to preserve and communicate the rich and colorful history of this region. The Kern Valley Museum in downtown Kernville, next to the Post Office, welcomes visitors to explore our rich history.

What's Happening in JANUARY 2020

I don’t know if you’ve been to the Museum or Annex lately, but I’d like to encourage you to do so. Our latest change has been a revamp of the Tubatulabal display. The Tubatulabal Tribal Council had relocate their offices in Mountain Mesa, and as a result, they have loaned us some great artifacts: a large cooking/storage basket, a small ceremonial basket, several obsidian points, a leather-rope-making machine, and some real leather ropes. We are now also displaying some of the fine Tubatulabal baskets collected by Ardis Walker.

We appreciate the trust that the Tribal Council has put in us to care for their treasures. This calls for a huge re-do in the display, now replete with fine examples of Tubatulabal expertise in basketry, one of their greatest arts.. Please come to see this new display --- we think you will be quite impressed!