The Kern River Valley Historical Society is celebrating over 50 years of operation! Our mission is to preserve and communicate the rich and colorful history of this region. The Kern Valley Museum in downtown Kernville, next to the Post Office, welcomes visitors to explore our rich history.

What's Happening

Things are moving mighty slowly, but we’re making progress behind the scenes.

There’s a new display about Ella Smith. In addition to her organ, we’ve moved her dress and added a quilt that she made for her daughter, Helen. We’ll be adding her diploma as soon as it is framed.

Other projects are in the wings. We’re having a new gun case made. I’d like to thank Bob Romine for taking the job. John Newman is working on a new Forest Service display while he’s convalescing from hip surgery. You may have seen it previewed during History Days. Roy Fluhart is working on three new signs for the outdoor displays. Jerry Moffat is making a big new sign for the annex building.

Finally, thanks to Doug Ward for fixing the Victrola!

I’m working on a new slide show about the Tubatulabal tribe.

It’s taking tons of time and taxing my computer skills, but I think it’ll be cool! Keep coming in to see the changes!

Dianna Anderson