The Kern River Valley Historical Society is celebrating over 50 years of operation! Our mission is to preserve and communicate the rich and colorful history of this region. The Kern Valley Museum in downtown Kernville, next to the Post Office, welcomes visitors to explore our rich history.

What's Happening

Volunteering at the museum is such a great place to work. Only 3 hours a month isn’t much to see all the smiles of the people who come to visit our little community!

Sometimes we have a docent who works with such happiness and enjoys it so much when they have to leave for a real job, they miss us. Such is the case with Donni Higgins, who just retired and called to say, “When can I work?” Now that is dedication!

Welcome back! We are having an “Appreciation Lunch” for all of you loyal docents on October 16.

You will be receiving a letter in the mail telling you about it!  So watch for the letter, and we will see you all soon! Thanks for being there.

Vicki Middleworth